updated: 2015- Jenuary 13rd

The vortex effect

The helicopter type GHIBLI 160 could be utilized for "heli-bee" missions.
It's already utilized in a kiwi farm : the production is increased of over the 30% during the first year.
The helicopter is equipped with a special electronic device able to assist the pilot in maintaining a constant speed and a correct distance from the ground.
The wind pollination is realize utilizing the vortex effect generated by the rotary wings.

GHIBLI 160 - two seats - ULM
Price: 370.000 US $ (2015) - Titanium frame - all included.
Helicopter pre-registered in Italy or in USA and already insured. Delivery place: USA or Italy

Anemophily or wind pollination is a form of pollination whereby pollen is distributed by wind.
Almost all gymnosperms are anemophilous, as are many plants in the order Poales, including grasses, sedges and rushes.
Other common anemophilous plants are oaks, sweet chestnuts, alders and members of the family Juglandaceae (hickory or walnut family).

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